Hail the Nails!

Hail the nails! Sing praise that they are saved!

The evil of cancer took my left breast and the toxins of chemo took my long brunette mane, but I was able to fight to save my nails.Polished

As a woman, we are so critical of ourselves and our bodies. We usually wave off compliments and often complain about our bodies. And I am no exception. I try not to compare or complain and I find it easy to compliment others. But there are things about my look I might consider changing it given then chance…just being honest, you know you have felt that way too.

However, my nails never fell in that category. Now I never went around bragging about them. But my nails have always been strong and healthy, as well as a good shape and length. I once read that peanut butter helped strengthen them, which would make sense, since I loved PB&J as a child!

Chemo attacks fast growing cells…your hair…your nails.  NO! Not my nails.

The thought of my nails becoming detached and falling off was frightening. Having a finger or two without a nail just sounded painful. So I researched ways to prevent this from happening. The only suggestion was to ice your nails during chemo.

I was keeping my cuticles moist and as healthy as possible, but after two chemo treatments, I could see them the new growth of the nail darkening. So in came the ice. My treatment angels would fill up zip lock bags of ice and I would place them on my toenails and fingernails.No polish

And it worked! Well the doctors and nurses said there is no scientific proof that it worked, but my nails are almost grown out from the chemo sessions and they are still intact! The dark spots, did turn to white, I think unattached from the nail bed. My two index fingers are pretty sensitive, but the growth behind the white spot is healthy, so they did not lift off the beds.

You can see from the pictures how they look under my polish. So I will keep polish on until the white area is gone.


5 thoughts on “Hail the Nails!

  1. What a sure sign of hope! You must get your strong nails from Nonna Isola. Hers were so strong and long…..I can still see them fingering her rosary daily. I know she is protecting you now. Keep getting stronger….you are beautiful.

  2. So glad the ice worked. I had forgotten that trick. My ring fingers & pinkies lifted off my nail bed & turned white about a third down, too. My daughter has put false nails on mine until my nails grow out. Have you heard about my BC team online support group? They could benefit from your experiences & tips, too. Hugs, Cindy P

  3. Good for you dear Janet, not letting that chemo take all of our pride and caring for our bodies, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us; they also learn the importance of personal care and beauty; you are the inspiration to all women, to love ourselves also. Love, Cousin, Marie.

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