A scorch mark to heal

lotionHave you ever left an iron on a shirt for too long?

Was it scorched and left with the outward appearance of burnt ugliness?
Picture that spot, a big spot the shape of an iron and little dots where the steam comes from.

Yes, I may have ruined a shirt or skirt once or twice, but sometimes it was the materials fault…maybe? The fabric was too fragile or has too much silk content, or maybe the iron was just too hot for the fabric. It really does not matter the shirt is ruined beyond repair as you stand and look at the oblong pointed burn.

I decided that is what my left chest has doubled as for the last few weeks.
The redness reached its worst on New Year’s Eve. The deep reddish-brown color did not resemble my skin at all. I felt as if the medicine was not working. I was throwing a cup of water at a burning house. My attempts were pointless.

I was scorched, with an outward appearance of ugliness. I have been living in Kevin’s cotton undershirt. Everyone suggested it would be the softest against my skin and they were right. Loose enough to not interfere with the healing process but enough to keep me warm. Thank goodness Christmas break afforded me with days to hunker down at home and not have to worry about how I looked in public.

I began radiation with lathering on Radiaplex gel, trying to ward off the burning. Even though I was diligent, the radiation was stronger. Once I began to burn I switched to Silver Sulfadiazine Cream topped with a layer of Hydrogel. This worked well until the dryness came along. Once pocket areas started drying up and peeling it was on to Aquaphor. The over the counter healing ointment was so soothing, but still takes a long time to heal. Since the skin was not healing quickly, the radiation team suggested Aquaphor layered with Hydrogel on top. I added Benadryl gel to the areas that drove me crazy wanting to itch. What a cocktail without any of the joy of getting tipsy!

But it’s healing – a week and half from last radiation treatment has brought more normal looking skin. It is more centralized now in the “boost” area. The last five treatments were focused on the scar line. The scar line is where cancer cells more often reappear. So the rad tech laughed at me when I brought them all Boost to help boost their day, since they were boosting mine!

So the scar line is still open sores that had me returning to Silver Sulfadiazine Cream. But I can see the rest is moving to healing and this area will be a few weeks behind. I will be so grateful when this part is healed and free from burns.

Grace embraced through the healing power we are blessed with in medicines. God created amazing people to develop treatments that help others move into recovery and healing! Praise God!

Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the LORD will be your rear guard. Isaiah 58:8


4 thoughts on “A scorch mark to heal

  1. Sharing your experiences will and do benefit so many, hopefully keeping your journal. Can’t imagine the worry if skin will heal as well as body. Thank you for sharing, keeps all in perspective for us. Love, Marie.

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