My radiation team is my Sunshine!Sunshine

Each weekday morning for the past 20-some days, I have woken up. Kissed my husband goodbye as he heads into work and I head into the Radiation Department at the Cancer Care Center. Kim, Nikki, Rosie, Joann, and Melissa welcome me with smiles. They are my sunshine every day.

Sunshine provides light to others…and their smiles and warmth help survive the treatments.

Sunshine provides rays that burn the skin if over exposed…that too is unfortunately the side effects to help kill cancer cells (and boy do I have the burning, tight and peeling skin!)

Sunshine also gives you a boost of energy…and I’m now in the final days of radiation which is called the “boost”. It concentrates all the rays on the scar line, where the cancer can most commonly return.

There you have it, “sunshine”, the most amazing women, who care, laugh and smile their patients through a challenging time. They provide music and even mood lighting right before they leave to administer the rays from behind two walls and a huge metal door!

These ladies are truly sunshine! I have enjoyed getting to know them over the past six weeks and look forward to coming to visit with no treatment needed!

Iris is also a bright light each morning. Early December, Iris switched her radiation schedule and began coming right before me. Previous to her switch, radiation a pretty lonely wait. I saw no one in the changing room or waiting area.  Most days I go by myself, so Iris and I quickly took the opportunity to strike up a conversation. We soon discovered that we are on the same schedule, we will both have our last treatment on the same day. What a joy to celebrate with someone! Our hair is growing back at about the same rate, although she is braver than I and wears it for all to see (she also has less white hair). Our journeys have been similar and its been wonderful to share the experience with another survivor. Iris has been a joy to get to know and another beam of sunlight to my radiation mornings.

Grace embraced through the care and kindness of these incredible woman, showing gentle compassion to those in their care. May God bless them and their families

“A cheerful heart is good medicine” Proverbs 17:22a

5 thoughts on “Sunshine!

  1. Iris! Such a beautiful name. You know iris was Moms favorite flower for a while. I have her old plates from her FL home and they are iris’ and I stitched her an eyeglass case a few years back because she was really into the beautiful flower….iris! It is a true treasure to find a friend and to have that friend who shares your trials and understands all you experience! Be brave and strong for each other. My prayers are with you both!

    Sending my love!

  2. God bless you too dearest Janet, with finality to your treatments soon, renewed strength, your beautiful hair in thick and strong, your smile even brighter although I don’t know how that could be, your skin healed and soft, and most of all, to keep your encouraging spirit strong to bring your sunshine to all, fortunate to know you. Love and God bless you and yours with a Most Joy Filled Christmas and New Year. Love, Marie.

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  3. As we near the sacred event remembering the birth of Jesus…let’s remember the woman that said “yes” to this possibility….a young Mother’s yes…, too, Janet, have said “yes” in so many ways….embracing this challenge, believing in the cure, inspiring all of us. May the God who is here amongst us continue to heal and strengthen you. Love you. Evie

  4. I hope you are enjoying a little break from radiation. Thank you for all your kind notes of encouragement. Enjoy Christmas surrounded by those who love you and care for you. We are almost done. May the birth of Jesus continue to give us hope.

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