A simple prayer

I received a card the other day that had a beautiful prayer. I would like to share it and offer this prayer up for all the amazing women that are fighting for their lives, their families and their strength. May you continue to be filled with radiant joy! Thanks Aunt Evie for the card xoxo

Faithful God
whose life flows through all the season
bless this woman.

Breathe new life in her to renew
and refresh her spirit

Warm her with cherished memories
and delight her in the wisdom she shares

Be with her now as she opens her hands
in a spirit of letting go

Let her heart hear the whispers
of new voices and new learnings

May she know that she is loved
as she has loved

Gift her with peace and
fill her with your radiant joy

My prayer for all the brave survivors as we near the Christmas season is new breath, warm memories, an open spirit and may you truly know with each moment of the day that you are loved!

May God bless your journey!


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