Aches and pains

HEnglish: Aches and Painsalf way through Radiation! Looking forward to the new year…without the daily routine of radiation every morning!

I had a wonderful visit with my sister, Diane, who was able to come in for five days to help…and it was much appreciated! She also insisted, with my husband, that I talk to my Radiation Oncologist about the back and rib pain I have been experiencing for the past four weeks. The pain has been excruciating in my lower back, especially so when I try to stand up from sitting too long. There have been many times that I have not been able to stand straight up without help or grabbing on to something for support. It has been progressively getting more painful and debilitating.

I wrote it off to side effects of treatments, early onset menopause side effects, reactions from using my right side while no lifting from my left arm, or caused by the 20 pounds steroids have added to my hips and waist. And I was content thinking of the best case scenerio. Or was I blind?

I meet with Dr. Anne McCall every Monday during my radiation treatments. I agreed to talk to her about it. Then a few days before the appointment, a fellow breast cancer survivor reminded me that breast cancer most commonly metastasize first in the brain or bone. The light went off, the blind was removed and I began to breathe faster. My mind started to spin. I left our meeting with nothing on my mind but…”Is this a tumor? Will the new year bring more chemo? Is it back? Will it be treatable?” I remembered that Dr. Hoffman, my oncologist said if my type of aggressive breast cancer returns, it is not curable only treatable.

My drive home consisted of tears streaming down my face. I was so sure I have been moving forward. I trusted that the Lord heard my prayers. How could I bring this up to Kevin without worrying him? Was the light at the end of the tunnel dimming? What is the next step for my life?

I kept going back to my strength, my faith. I am surrounded by angels guarding my path. I had to trust that His plan was perfect. I had to.

I trust in His plan in my heart, but my head aches of the horrible possibility that these pains are more than nothing.

So on Monday, the 3rd, with my sister in tow, I spoke with Dr. McCall. I could see the concern in her eyes and knew her first thought was the last thing I thought of…bone cancer. Her kindness and compassion filled the exam room. “It could be lots of other reasons, but let’s be prudent and get it checked out.” So a bone scan was ordered for Friday.

Thank goodness my sister-in-law was able to go with me, she helped calm my worst fears. Friday morning began with an injection of tracers that will find their way to my bones over the course of three hours so that the imagining will show the bones more clearly. Then off to radiation for my daily dose of hazardous rays.

Mindy and I sat and talked about her upcoming trip to Italy, stopped in the chapel at the hospital and ran into a friend of my parents that volunteers at the hospital. She had a beautiful great dane with her that was a therapy dog. The distractions were so very helpful to keep my mind busy. Then three hours past and suddenly it was time for the scan. The bone scan was painless – they always are – you don’t even have to put a gown on, you just have to lay still while the machine does the imagining.

“Results will be at your doctors in 2-3 days” just sounded like, “continue waiting”… and so I continue to wait…

But I trust in the Lord, which has been my mantra since I began this breast cancer journey. I find peace in music and I know prayers of so many are with me and the Lord is carrying me, so I will climb this mountain too and discover myself in the place prepared for me.

Enjoy one of the songs my daughter gave to me in April, that gives me strength: I’m Gonna Love you through it

See, I am sending an angel before you, to guard you on the way and bring you to the place I have prepared. Exodus 23:20

Grace embraced in the comfort of prayer during times of distress and worry. I find comfort in the memorized prayers of my childhood and the honest prayer conversations I have with the Lord daily. I find comfort in the prayers of so many that lift me up every time they remember me. May God’s grace embrace each and every one of you. 


17 thoughts on “Aches and pains

  1. Janet I will hold you up in prayer! God, family and friends will love us through this journey! I think of you everyday while I sit and wait in our radiation room. I am there at 2:30. We are so blessed to have such kind women taking good care of us. I pray and hope all results will be good.I will leave you with my new favorite prayer.
    ” Father, embrace me in your love today, and blanket me in your peace. I give you my fear and anxiety, asking only that you hold my hand in yours.”

    • Carol,
      Thank you so much, that prayer is beautiful! I love Kim, Joanne, Rosie, Melissa, Rochelle, Nikki and of course Dr. McCall too! What an amazing team cares for us every day. We should leave little notes to each other in locker #7! – Check the top shelf, you never know! 🙂

    • Jennifer, The power of prayer has never been so strong in my life as these past months. I was so sad that I missed YLC this year – the first time in 12 years. I hope to be healthy enough next June to be able to praise with everyone! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

    • Love you too Toni, you’ll have to send me those yummy vegetarian recipes you are discovering to add to my veggy repertoire. You inspire me to be my healthiest, most positive self. Namaste!! Love you sis

  2. Janet – I hope this is nothing. I had a lot of bone and joint pain for months after Chemo. I was always thinking it had gone to the bone. It was terrifying. I am now 7 months post Chemo and most of the aches and pains have disappeared. Prayers for you…Denise

  3. My prayers and support continue. I hope our time together tomorrow will be fruitful, focused and distracting from your pain…but no matter what I’ll help you get up at the end of the meeting 😉

  4. Dearest Cousin, Wow, you inspire!!! “In weakness there is strength,” is certainly the Bible phrase that comes to mind when I think of you. Trust is most important in our dear Savior, and you certainly inspire us to do the same. You will be in my prayer, extra hard during this new trial. God bless you dearest Janet, and may He give us also the grace to trust Him as you do. Love, Marie.

  5. “Be not afraid….I go before you”……the words of that hymn just keep coming after reading your last entry. but… is not easy to be not afraid. The important part is that God is always with us and the many, many prayers are being heard. You inspire all of us to walk more humbly and love more gently. Praying for you daily….loving you more each day. Aunt Ev

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