Drain Free!

Forbidden Gold

Photo credit: Steve-h

June 5, 2012No more JP drain!  So happy to be free of the annoying drain attached to my side. I was really surprised today in the Doctors office when they removed it and pulled out more than five inches of tube that was inside me! The wonder of medicine. But my Healer is so much more amazing.

Lord please allow the lymph nodes that I have left to properly drain the fluids. You have created amazing bodies that perform incredibly, You are a Master Builder and I am just a laborer in your vineyard. I ask that you allow my body to heal and function beautifully without the breast and lymph nodes that cancer took.

I have 48 hours for that drain hole to heal before filling my body with the toxic mixture that chemotherapy offers. It seems so strange to me that my best hope is infusions of toxic combinations, but science statistically prove it helps. Tomorrow, June 7th at 3:30 pm is my first treatment, so prayers storming heaven!

I will move forward with the chemotherapy, but I will place my ultimate trust in the Lord.

For He is my hope and salvation. He is my stronghold.

He is the Light in my darkness, in Him I find my refuge.

God indeed is my savior. I am confident and unafraid. My strength and my courage is the Lord and he has been my savior. Psalm 12

Grace embraced through the freedom I feel with more arm movement where I can use it to praise the Lord!

One thought on “Drain Free!

  1. Janet – My thoughts will be with you. As you enter your journey, remember how many are thinking of you and praying for you. You are strong and I know you can fight this. Stay positive and reach out to others if you can’t stay positive, we will help you.

Your thoughts warm my heart and strengthen my path, thanks for commenting on my journey,

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