Week of healing

I want to share the following sentiment, I read this week:

Whatever your trial, God sees
Whatever your struggles, God knows
Whatever your cry, God hears
Whatever your difficulties, God cares
Whatever your problem, God understands
Whatever your need, God provides

Beautiful! And I know it is true. Last week was a week of my first experience with pain meds. I have never had to be on pain medication for more than a day. You know wisdom teeth extraction or minor surgery. Never Vicodin and never for four plus days. What a ride!

I’m not a pill taker anyway, never have been. If I get a headache, I’d rather take a nap and relax to relieve it than pop a Tylenol. But I’m learning. My pastor wisely said. “Janet, when you don’t take the meds, all you body’s energy is going towards the pain instead of going towards the healing.” Well that made perfect sense to me. My father never like to mask the pain, he wanted to be able to work through it and know when he was healing. But I want to put all my energy into healing. So pain management is now my friend!

I have successfully completed my self-administered lovenox shots since surgery. Lovenox helps to make sure I did not get a blood clot, but the self-injecting into my stomach was not fun. I have a new appreciation of what my mother, who is a diabetic goes through every day with insulin. Now my stomach can begin healing from all the bruises that pepper my abdomen.

Off the Vicodin and back pain is healed.

Off the Lovenox and I’m moving enough not to worry about clotting.

Moving forward, feeling stronger and allowing the Master Healer to care for me. God saw my pain, my difficulties, my cry and He provided healing.

Grace embraced:  I am so grateful for all the graces patients receive through the medicines that our Lord has created through the hands of researches and physicians. I am blessed with the healing power of love that surrounds me.

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