May 3, 2012

My last day…Surgery tomorrow at 9:30 am – “simple left mastectomy”

Today was my last day at the office for a few weeks, so busy preparing so much stuff for me to be gone for. My staff put together a lunch for me (and Jaclyn who hung all day with me). They had a great basket filled with anything needed for a hospital stay and recovery. From movies, magazines, lotion, gum, snacks, bed wedge pillow and more. Prayers filled my lunch, it was so lovely. My godson and his wife in AZ sent up a Hospital survival bag filled with LCD candles (for ambience in my room), slippers, eye mask, magazines and more – SO Thoughtful! A dear friend Kathy send over flowers to remind me of God’s beautiful creations and a cousin sent a book of HOPE stories. The cards, emails and texts are overwhelmingly appreciated. I feel so uplifted!

Then after lunch Jaclyn and I headed to U of C for the injection to map the lymph nodes. Painful, even with the numbing cream, but I see the light at the end of the first tunnel. It took almost two hours for everything and I was exhausted. As we drove home, a dear friend Mistee text about the gorgeous day the Lord prepared today – and it was as I looked westward the sun was streaming through the clouds as amazingly beautiful rays of hope and light!

We stopped to grab front opening pajamas…hard to find, but we succeeded…and then stopped by my mothers condo for a visit. Kisses, hugs and off to home sweet home.

Dinner, shower and disinfectant is a wonderful good night bedtime routine. Off to rest for the beginning of a cancer free life!

Grace embraced: The rays of light streaming God’s love from about. The generosity and kindness of friends and family. The love of Christ I felt strongly today.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Op

  1. Dear Janet,
    It is so humbling to hear your story. And your light humor adds much. I have been at work all night and have spent most of the time in prayer. I pray your day passes swiftly, like the storms this night. Remember, pain medicine is good-don’t wait too long to ask for it. Peace, love and many hugs to you,

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