Anointed with prayer

What an emotional day today, but grace filled!

My pastor and boss asked if I wanted to be anointed. Of course I said “yes”, I was facing surgery. I’ve never had surgery before, so I thought I would find it comforting. Well no one told me to bring my make-up with me to the anointing, cause I needed it afterwards!

Thank goodness Kevin was able to take his lunch hour and come for the anointing. He truly is a solid rock for me to cling to in stormy weather!

Anyway…I walked into the Chapel of the church and there were over twenty co-workers surrounding me with support and prayers. Boy was I glad I grabbed a few tissues before I left my office.

What a beautiful prayer service! As each person came forward and placed their hands on my head and prayed for me, it was powerfully, spiritually emotional.

I read this morning:”Courage daughter, your faith has restored your health”Matthew 9:22.

I love it! The hemorrhaging woman has always been one of my favorite stories. I love the fact that she did not want to bother Jesus, she just knew if she touched a tip of his cloak. What faith! I too find it humbly to bother people for prayers for myself. I much rather ask for prayers for others. But the Lord has other plans for me. But I know as I reach out just to touch the tip of His cloak, I will be restored.

Grace embraced: For the gift of anointing of the sick and all the amazing people who have lifted me up in prayer. For the strength of my family and all that they do for me.



3 thoughts on “Anointed with prayer

  1. Janet,
    We are in Maryland right now….to be with our Jodi and family. You are in our prayers….and grace will fill you with peace. Love you, Aunt Ev & Uncle Jim

  2. Wow, what can I say, Janet. I just found out yesterday about all that you have been going through and I did what I do best….I contacted some prayer warriors! You have 2 rosaries being prayed for you everyday by several people. Some you know and some you don’t. (however you and I both know that we all know eachother through God, Our Father) I feel very blessed that we had time to catch up a couple of months ago and I look forward to seeing you again soon to continue our faith conversatioin. You are loved and you are being prayed for…”See, I did not forget you. I have carved you in the palm of my hand.” You will remain in my thoughts and prayers!!! For now, I am sending you some “southside love.”

Your thoughts warm my heart and strengthen my path, thanks for commenting on my journey,

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