Who was I fooling?

Monday, April 30,2012

Well, who was I fooling? To think I got myself believing that this would be simple, surgery, chemo, radiation, reconstruction,then finally normalcy again.  There I go planning again, and the Lord just laughs.

He totally has other plans for me.

My meeting with the pre-op anesthesiologist turned into a back and forth about if I should take aspirin before the surgery. Due to a family blood disorder (prothrombin 20210ga mutation) I am at a higher risk for blood clotting. But finally my surgeon called and said, absolutely no aspirin before surgery. Instead they will give me heparin during my hospital stay. Think I would prefer the aspirin, but this one is not my call.

And she wants a Doppler of the lower extremities to make sure there is not a blood clot already. Monday with pre-op,Wednesday for Doppler, Thursday for dye injection and Friday and Saturday for surgery.

Maybe I should get an employee parking pass?

Oh well, I am so grateful they are looking at everything.

The best news of all is that yesterday I got tickets for my daughter Jaclyn to fly home to help until Monday, then my sister Diane and her daughter Michelle are coming in for five days to help too. Michelle is bringing her two month old daughter Gianna!  I think Gianna may be the best recovery tool. What a beautiful distraction she will be for me.

I was fooling myself to think it would be simple. The surgery order I confirmed today stated a “left breast simple mastectomy”. I look at Sheilah, Dr. Jaskowiak’s nurse and said there is nothing simple about this.  She was more somber, I was trying to lighten the moment. But reality is that cancer is sobering

I was fooling myself to think that it would be surgery and go home to heal.  Drains, dressing, limitations, special pillows, special tank tops and bras, Physical therapy, etc.

But I’m not foolish when it come to knowing that Christ is right next to me holding me and walking with me.

Grace embraced: the attentiveness of my surgeon and my incredible family that will love me back to strength. Especially Jaclyn’s love that has her reading and learning everything I should expect and how she will be able to help! She wants to be so prepared to help, and all I need is her hugs, everything else is frosting! 

4 thoughts on “Who was I fooling?

  1. Yes – an employee parking pass should be part of the package!! Sounds like this has been quite an education!
    Loving your optimism! And can’t wait to be your nurse!

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