Moving Forward

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dr. Jaskowiak called. She caught me at work, so I closed my office door and waited for the news. She began with, “so we got most of the results back and your case is so interesting.” Is that good or bad? I am cautious, since I don’t know how to read her yet. But she is always honest.

I have embraced the graces that I have experienced each day so far, so I not going to stop now, and there are more graces than worries.

So the news is:  The biopsy shows that I have a 8.2 x 5.7 x 4.7 cm (the largest measurement is in it’s depth)

Classified as a “infiltrating ductal carcinoma with lobular features” Grade two – Don’t know about you, but I thought that sounded impressive…or frightening…but I was going with impressive.

When I asked what stage it was in, Dr. Jaskowiak said it is T3, N0 – clinical stage 2B. If during the surgery they discover cancer in the lymph nodes they will categorize the tumor as a T3 N1, Stage 3A.

But remember, there have been many blessings also. A CT of abdomen and stomach were clear. The bone scan was clear and the right breast is clear. Two lymph nodes at left underarm are asymmetrical, which they will look at during the surgery.

So the next step is for left mastectomy surgery on Friday, May 4th they will remove the lymph nodes if they are discovered to be cancerous.

After approximately a 4 weeks recovery they will begin chemo, followed by radiation and possibly hormonal therapy. Six weeks after completion of radiation they will do reconstruction. So who wants to spend the summer with me now! Doesn’t that sound like the best summer ever? Well, really when you look at the positive, and that’s what I chose to do, summer is a wonderful time for all this. I will be able to sit on my back porch, go for beautiful walk, feel the wind on my face. I could go stir crazy in the winter holed up inside, so you see blessings!

I pray for the Doctor’s steady hands and all the health care professionals that I will encounter this week at the University of Chicago Breast Care Center. I know that the Lord is with me every step of the way and I feel my father’s presence as well as all so many people thoughts and prayers. I look forward with a positive outlook and the strength of so many loved ones.

Grace embraced: The laughter of my daughter as we talked about all the wonderful times we are going to spend together this summer, snuggling and watching family movies! The smile that I can’t help getting when I get a new pic on my phone of beautiful Gianna or the little man, Nic. The love and innocent of Daniel’s prayer for me and my decision. I love you all!


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Thank you SO much for this blog – I hate to ask questions and know how exhausting it must be for you to talk about the same events over and over.
    I hope you realize how much you are loved!
    I marvel at your faith and hope – a wonderful gift to be a child of God!
    See you next week. LYLYLY!!!

  2. You are truly and inspiration to all who read this. You show so much strength and faith and your love for the Lord is amazing. You show me that whatever I am going through that I can find the blessings in it all. Thank you and love you!

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