Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today is the 5th anniversary of my father’s passing. Dad died of Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Today is my MRI so I can discover the size of my carcinoma. Irony? No Divine intervention. I have never felt my Dad’s presence as strongly as I did today.

Kevin came with me for the MRI. Although his office is in Darien, he is able to work out of Hyde Park if needed and so working off his laptop sitting in the waiting room as I proceeded with my IV.

I climbed on the MRI bed with my IV hanging and Vitamin E taped to my breasts. I know, Vitamin E?…That’s what they use for markers, instead of the metal circles of a mammogram. Another person handling “the girls”, think we’re at 9!

I prayed my way through the long period of laying face down on a table with my arms above my head, and I felt my Dad’s presence with me through my meditation.

IV out, clothes back on and heading home to wait for a call tomorrow. Positive thoughts, prayerful moments.

Grace Embraced:  Dr. Jaskowiak could not find any lumps on my thyroid, so we did not have to have them tested today too! Praise the Lord!


Your thoughts warm my heart and strengthen my path, thanks for commenting on my journey,

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