Aspiration Results

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5:45 pm

I got a call as I was leaving my mothers condo and saw it was the University of Chicago. Just figured it was my husband, who works in the Information Systems department at U of C and decided to call him back when I got in the car.

All calls from U of C show up on caller id as 773-702-1220, and I wasn’t expecting a call about the aspiration until tomorrow, so I listened to the voice message that I had missed from my husband.

Well, it was Dr. Jaskowiak. She said she got the preliminary test results and wanted me to call her. She left her number for the next hour and her cell after that. Well that is not a good sign, is it?

Thank the Lord I repeated her number, because my thumb did not hit the end button and I started dialing…1773- Yikes! The 7 deleted the message! Quick prayer that I remembered the right number and thanks to answered prayers, Dr. Jaskowiak answered. I pulled into the bank parking lot and put the car in park. As she began talking I grabbed a piece of paper and took a deep breath.

The preliminary tests shows what appears to be a lobular carcinoma. They usually do not present on mammograms and she wanted to  order an MRI for next week. Also she will set up appointment with the Cancer Risk Center in 6D, since there is a lot of history of cancer on my paternal side. She will have more information when the pathology results are complete tomorrow.

I finished my short drive home and pretty sure I collapsed in my son’s arms and waited for Kevin to get home. Although I was not surprised and I was much calmer than I ever thought I would, I was exhausted emotionally.  I can’t deny that I felt a peace also and somehow knew my faith would carry me through this

Grace embraced:  the hugs of my son as I realized the path that I now was on. He is so strong and faith filled, that I immediately felt  grace and love. Thanks Zach, I love you!


3 thoughts on “Aspiration Results

  1. It was your strong faith that first attracted me to you so many years ago in church. I so admired you from afar until the day I saw the add in the bulletin for a secretary and knew I wanted to work with YOU! I wanted the faith that you showed me.

    • Thank you Susan, you also are an inspiration to me! I believe God puts the people in our lives that we need and boy am I glad I got you! Sisters in Christ.

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